Inter-Island Moving

Routes, Rates & What we carry for Inter-Island Moving

Household Relocations Between Auckland and the Queenstown Lakes.

Routes, Rates & What we carry

Our inter-island moving services are door to door from Auckland to Queenstown and all the beautiful towns and districts of the ‘Southern Lakes’ but it does not stop there. We will service any location in the Otago/Southland area back to the North Island dependant on volume.

We prefer not to compete on non-Inter Island deliveries as these destinations are economically served by local movers. Ask us just the same... If your delivery or loading points are along our usual routes, we will strive to welcome you aboard when space is available.

Folks from the ‘Southern Lakes towns’ have been conditioned to live with price penalty considerations. Call me and discover this is probably not going to be the case.

We regularly make big differences price wise for inter-island moving. Our delivery windows are organised in advance so that families on the move with a little flexibility with their dates can take advantage of opportunities to enjoy door to door services at rates comparable to those charged between the main centers.


Moving Truck for an Inter-Island Moving Company

Household Contents

Our First priority is inter-island moving for household contents but we will accept other loads that are compatible and can be loaded by hand. Our trucks are box body and therefore unsuitable for palletised loads or Construction materials, which are usually loaded by fork lift.

The dictates of household relocations restrict accompanying loads to any clean and reasonably regular shaped items that can be loaded by hand and secured in the normal way.

Second Priority Generally any items that can be lifted and handled by our crews which do not present stacking problems on board due to weight, shape, fragility or cleanliness are acceptable. We need to be able to move items around in the truck to suit variable loading and unloading sequences. Items that are extremely heavy, Machinery, and such like cargoes are outside our parameters and pose too many problems.

We load by trolley via a ramp at the rear, or by powered tail lift. When loadings are light we will stretch our criteria to accommodate other loads.

Always give us a call - if we can help - we will.

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