Inter-Island Moving

Packing Issues

The photos in the following sequence are of recent self packed moves and illustrate how to overcome the problems presented by poorly prepared loads with largely un-stackable loose items.

Loads like these present a dilemma when loading the truck by increasing the risk of damage due to instability. Well prepared and boxed loads can be stacked high and take less load space in the truck, attain stability advantages and as a consequence, minimise the chance of damage.

Example of good packing when Moving House with an Inter-Island Moving Company

Purpose Designed Furniture Truck

Furniture trucks are purpose built with padded boards and tie rails to safely secure loads.

Most have powered tail lifts or ramps, some have both.

Empty Shipping containers not to be used for Moving House with an Inter-Island Moving Company

Shipping containers are intended for general freight and are not recommended for moving house with an inter-island moving company

Shipping containers have very few tie off points and will need to be trans-shipped by road to any destination away from the main trunk.

This will add extra costs.

Loading and unloading is difficult unless lowered to the ground by a swing lift or availability of loading ramps.

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