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Household contents vary enormously; 3 bedroom household contents often vary by 15 cu metres or more, multi level, big garage contents plus outdoor items all add extra volume.

We will calculate your volume accurately prior to moving particularly if you are unsure.
The following household figures are indicative.

1 bedroom       8-15 cu
2 bedroom     15-20 cu
3 bedroom     20-35 cu
4 bedroom     35-50 cu
5 bedroom     50-65 cu

A very well executed pre-pack will reduce the volume required in the truck. Stack ability is the major parameter.

Standard carrier boxes [tea chest size] =7 per cu metre
Standard book boxes = 14 per cu metre.

We make it our business to understand your requirements prior to quoting ALWAYS.

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Thinking Ahead

Leaving your booking to the last minute can reduce the choices that on offer. The closure of the Kaikoura coast road involves many inconvenient kilometres that can impact your plans.

Our route North and South, now via the west coast, surprisingly adds only a small distance penalty from Wanaka to Picton. Many movers, depending on where they are based may find inter–island work unmanageable without charging a lot more.

The best tactic is to think about six weeks ahead minimum and try to avoid early June as this date is heavily booked in advance for farm moves.

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Favoured routes produce lower rates

Usually we have a full house load on board with space for smaller loads. Smaller consignments with flexible dates attract very good backload rates, something we strive hard to achieve to keep the truck full.

Because we focus on one route, we manage better rates than most other carriers can offer.

If you have flexibility, North or South bound, let's start talking.

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Smaller Consignments

Most inter-island moves are completed by big trucks, making parts of Southland/Otago difficult, economically for smaller consignments.

We will strive to encompass most requests even if it means delivering to a centre reasonably close to where you live in order to save you costs.

Although we concentrate on servicing our major destinations please send us your quote requests regardless.

We will always acknowledge them rapidly and do our best to find a way to help.

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Access for large furniture vans is sometimes problematic.

Most of the bigger vans are approximately 12 metres long x 3.8 metres high x 2.4 metres wide.

Awkward trees at the gate, low power lines, sharp bends or sudden gradient changes cause most of the problems. Sometimes we just have to load/unload from the road.

We will make it our business to gather as much information as we can so that there are no unexpected problems.

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