Inter-Island Moving

Labour Saving Tips for Inter-Island Moving

Household Relocations Between Auckland and the Queenstown Lakes.

Labour assistance to save costs

Depending on your needs, it is possible to lower your overall moving costs by reducing the number of loaders and unloaders required on the day; On analysis, there are not many items in most households that will require assistance.

Double beds, dining tables, settees etc are the exceptions.

Two level houses, steep or restrictive driveways will necessitate help especially with larger loads. On long distance relocations the cost of an extra man supplied adds substantial costs that are disadvantageous.

Most small to medium three bedroom household moves can be accomplished adequately by a crew of two, that is the driver/loader, and an assistant.

Larger households will generally be better serviced by a team of three.

If you are in the position where you have numbers of additional family members or helpers available on the day, a truck and expert loader/driver is all that may be required.

At your destination

To successfully unload at destination it is most desirable to have the owners of the consignment or some other appointed individual who can confidently recognise the items as they are unloaded from the truck. We understand that sometimes this is not possible.

The best strategy is to ensure all items are labelled with a name and destination.

Simple marking with a felt tip pen is all that is needed. Incomplete deliveries due to labelling deficiencies or unavailability of a receiver to sign off for the consignment may result in delays redirecting or re scheduling any missing items. We make every effort to ensure all consignments are professionally separated.

Furniture hand-trolley used to speed up moving


If there are issues we should be aware of that may impede access such as steep streets, trees overhanging the driveway, sharp bends, steep driveways with bends, low power lines etc. Be sure to let us know.

This quotation is based on being able to get within reasonable walking distances for load/unload with scope to use our standard wheeled trolleys for handling heavier items.

Booking and Delivery

At times space is at a premium, we recommend confirmation of your intention is emailed to us as soon as you have reached your decision.

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