Inter-Island Moving

Insurance Considerations

For Household Relocations Between Auckland and the Queenstown Lakes.

Insurance matters

Our guidance notes are to ensure all is not lost should Humpty fall. The starting point is to check if cover for moving house is provided under your household contents policy. This risk is seldom included. The Carriage of goods act 1979* imposes limits on carrier liability. This limit is most insufficient for moving house and cannot be relied on. The act provides for moving companies to carry loads at Owner’s risk. This means you negotiate your own cover. This is the safest approach and the best value insurance option by far. By organizing it yourself through your regular insurer It is less expensive Tailor made to suit your exact needs You understand the terms and conditions There is peace of mind as a result.

Don’t be tempted by free insurance offers.

Private Insurance

It is a terrible circumstance to discover you were not covered when perhaps you only thought you were and did not check first.

Some moving companies ‘will promote their own insurance schemes but this option will be considerably more expensive as there will be a profit margin over what you could have arranged from the same insurers.

Don't be tempted by free insurance offers. Be very wary of this claim and find out with whom this arrangement exists and the terms and limits of such arrangements. It is not possible to offer effective insurance for moving free.

Insurers will not offer blanket cover arrangements to moving companies, because the valuations of households vary by staggering amounts, and some are self packed by their owners and some are not.

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