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Establishing volume for Inter-Island Moving

Prepacking, Cartons and Load Description

This is not the daunting task you may fear, just an observational journey room to room in your home.

You need not concern yourself with measuring items. Large, medium or small is quite sufficient. It is easy to list furniture items, but more complicated to make a judgment as to how many boxes overall.

That is where mistakes and oversights are usually made. Most volume calculation errors involve the number of boxes.

To simplify this task, we have a survey form that handles the carton estimating simultaneously as you proceed around your house.

Survey Form     Example Survey

Print off a few sheets and have go.

Fill the boxes left to right, across the pages in logical order as to the sample sheets given.

Vases ready to pack with an inter-island moving company

The Kitchen is a good starting place as it is usually the biggest job and best handled first. On completion you may be quite amazed at the number of cartons that can be required to complete this area.

Start at the doorway and work in one direction around the room back to the starting point, opening each bank of cupboards in turn working in this manner you deal with each item or cupboard in an orderly sequence.

As each room is completed, double check for any omissions and leave a few blank lines in case there are changes or additions before surveying the next room.

Ignore online calculators to survey your home. The figures they arrive at are more or less a guide, but do not take into account the final stacked volume in the vehicle and this is the most important point of the whole exercise.

Most volume errors are in the number of boxes in the household.

China dishes ready to pack with an inter-island moving company


Many items will present difficulties due to shape or have empty volume within. Picnic tables, Gym equipment and similar odd shapes can pose difficulties. Only an expert loader will know how to interpret volume allowance. There are so many variables.

We will assist you every step of the way to get the volume calculation just right.

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