Inter-Island Moving

Our Competitive Edge for Inter-Island Moving

Household Relocations Between Auckland and the Queenstown Lakes.

We never offload on route, swap trucks or reload or use other contractors to complete deliveries. Your load stays on the truck as loaded at origin then delivered to your new home, door to door, in one operation by the same crew at better rates as only owner operators can do.

Relocations into Central Otago from Auckland can carry large additional labour costs brought about by the practice of transferring between the main centre's by rail. This works well when the deliveries are local. However, there are few rail links in to the country hinterland other than by road, which means of course that loads bound for the 'Lakes Districts' need to be reloaded several times prior to delivery and transported many extra kilometers by road.

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Folks from the ‘Southern Lakes towns’ have been conditioned to expect most services will be overpriced. Call us and discover this is not necessarily the case.

We regularly make big differences price wise for inter-island moving.

Our delivery windows are organised in advance so that those with flexibility in their dates can enjoy door to door services at rates comparable to those charged between the main cities.

Backloads Strategy

We are aggressive backloaders offering the best inter-island moving rates.

Our success is dependent on pricing our services to gain full loads in both directions - If we don’t the system becomes unworkable; It is not possible to complete long distance inter-island household relocations unless the truck is loaded again for the return journey. These loads are generally termed backloads.

A return trip to Queenstown and the southern lakes town for us involves a road trip of 3600 kilometres. Additionally, there are two Cook Strait Crossings, plus a sizeable fuel bill for diesel. A full load to return to the North Island with is an absolute necessity.

Flexible moving dates

We have no fixed dates to encumber our operation. Our inter-island moving services are entirely market driven.

We choose dates that accommodate and please the most. Our focus is on inter-island household moves, from the very smallest consignment; an item or two, to large complete households, some of which fill the entire truck.

Our large transporters can accommodate two average size households simultaneously. Usually we have one dominant load and a number of lesser accompanying loads on each excursion. Always send your initial enquiry from our online link. We will strive to include your consignment on dates that suit us both.

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